Kent Lins proofing a 39 inch (99 cm) tall print of a recent photo collage

In this Capture Photography Festival workshop, Kent Lins shows participants how to look at photos as full of potential for creating entirely new artworks. He’ll demonstrate this using software that is free (paint.NET), inexpensive (ACDSee), and photoshop. Participants will learn that cutting, pasting, collaging, and layering can be done easily, without spending hours figuring it out. Lins will explain how software is just a tool—like a shovel, a car, or a dishwasher—that is there for you to create with, not a barrier to creation.

Learn to mine your photos for pixels you can collage with, so you can ‘get in the zone’ and enjoy creating digital art. You’ll see your photography and collages differently: you can still capture and comment on “reality” without the need to fully reproduce a scene that’s directly in front of you. Digital collages contain hints of things you’ve photographed, as well as echoes of places and altogether new shapes and ideas. It’s all still “photography.”

Personal computers are not necessary. Optional: bring a JPEG (max. 3 MB) on a USB of one of your (non-collaged) photographs for possible use in a software demonstration.

Space is limited. Sign up here. Confirmation on or before April 14th.

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