Power Structures

Sally Buck & Kent Lins

April 4-28, 2019

VanGalleries Presents at the Beaumont:

2109 Alberta Street @ 5th Avenue, Vancouver

How is power made visible? How is it conveyed by artists current and historical? When do we see power embodied, enacted, and exchanged? Sally Buck and Kent Lins explore these questions in their exhibition Power Structures.

Constance Barnes: Community Leader and Politician

In “Women in the Way,” Sally Buck shares her lifelong interest in creating images of activists, and the reasons she’s developed an exhibition featuring women ages 50 to 86. She photographed women who resist, teach, witness, and create change in fields of land and water rights, art, immigration, housing, storytelling, and sustainability. Buck then introduces photo collage, hand drawing, and printmaking techniques. This shows aspects of a sitter’s persona and employs art historical methods to suggest narrative and stature in a public portrait. The approach draws attention to how one interprets gendered images, representations of power, and contexts of meaning.

Power Dynamics

Kent Lins presents “Energy Combines,” exploring his ongoing pursuit to bring dynamism to his photographs, and how this began 40 years ago. For his current exhibition, he seized his raw material from an anticipated and fleeting moment at a Vancouver building site, whose footprint laid bare its essential materials. Photographing from a unique vantage point, he captured images of electrical conduit tubes meandering through rebar, signs of early stage construction. They had an ordered and organic appearance, a careful layout optimal for efficiently powering a multi-storey tower. Moments later these constituents were obscured by poured concrete: a memory submerged. Lins energizes his imagery with his systems of editing, manipulating the once visible to create an appearance of scintillating activity, flow and change, ongoing presence.

Events are part of the 2019 Capture Photography Festival Event Program

Saturday April 6, 7-10pm: Opening Party

Saturday Mornings, 10am – 12 noon, April 6, 13, 20 and 27: Tea and Hot Sheet

Saturday April 13, 4-6pm: Artists Talk and Happy Hour

Saturday April 20, 3-5pm: Photo Collage Workshop Using Free Software




Sally Buck, Byron Dauncey, John Goldsmith and Kent Lins do Paste-ups at Prominent Arts Hub

525 Great Northern Way, Vancouver


Photo by John Goldsmith





This is my ongoing ships project, “Poseidon’s Bequest.” It’s on the shortlist for the for Capture Photography Festival 2019 Public Art Competition. 



The Link to Vote: https://bit.ly/2sxmvB8

If chosen by the public, 3 photos from the project will appear on a huge scale at a major transit station in Vancouver, Canada for 6 months.

Would you like to vote for Sally Buck?

The contest is open through Friday Jan 18. Then the choice is made!

By voting you can win prizes – $100 worth of photo printing at London Drugs and/or tickets to a special event at the Capture Photography Festival.

Beautiful, complicated, progressive Vancouver.
I’ve been drawn to these huge and imposing giants from afar. When I first photographed them on the water and experienced their truly awesome size, I knew I would have many more sessions with my camera. By bringing these images up close to viewers, another point of view is considered – would we tolerate such huge transport vehicles through our city streets?

If these photos are chosen by popular vote, they’ll appear in very large scale at the King Edward Skytrain Station in Vancouver, Canada. I’ll be on-site 1 day each month with them, to ask transit users what they see in the photos, in this urban environment, and in all of the modes of transit linked to Vancouver’s SkyTrain. I’ll ask people to consider evidence they’ve seen of human impact on the land, water and air (the “Anthropocene”), and to suggest solutions to the climate changes that concern them.




Capture 2018

In a city of unhinged property values and taxes, emerging and unrepresented artists have a difficult task of finding galleries to show their work. As exhibitors of the 2018 Capture Photography Festival, Sally Buck and Kent Lins are exhibiting, in conjunction, their photobased work installed in one of two rental vans. Sally’s series is titled Open City, Kent’s series is titled Sweet Dense City.

The rental vans will be re-branded for Van Galleries, and easily found by checking this website, @vangalleries on Instagram, @vangalleries on Twitter, or @vangalleries on facebook. They will be popping up at various locations and times, throughout the month of April.

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