Hot Sheet – What’s a Hot Sheet, you ask?

A list and map showing ideas for a great Saturday, exploring art shows in Vancouver.


Why a Saturday Morning Tea and Hot Sheet this weekend?

So you can visit and sip and munch and share ideas about engaging art to see!


An example of tip on the Hot Sheet we’ll give you:


Though it’s not a Capture exhibition it closes at day-end this Saturday, so we wanted to include it the night before. And it’s full of big, beautiful prints by Capture artist Christos Dikeakos, who’s solo show is across the alley at Chernoff Fine Art. Which we’ll talk about on Saturday. There will be MANY Capture photography shows on the Hot Sheet each week of April.

Have you seen a show you’d recommend? Come and join us! Saturday April 6th, 10am-noon. We`re at the Beaumont Gallery, 2109 Alberta Street at 5th Ave.



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